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Scenic Scooter Loop

Meet Kyoto like a local, and join the most fun tour in and around the old capital city. On a scooter, you can see the highlights of Kyoto plus the stunning places away from the crowds. Instead of being stuck in a bus, spend your time cruising on winding mountain roads, along rivers, rice fields, and rural villages. Connect two of Kyoto's most epic sights, the Golden Pavilion and the Bamboo Grove, with the wind in your hair and grin on your face, by choosing our Scenic Scooter loop.



On the day

We'll meet near the scooter rental in the morning. Here we will get done the paperwork and pick up the scooters. Headsets prepared, helmets on and the engine started, we'll ride along a quiet street to get used to the feel of our new friend.


Our first stop will be the famous Golden Pavilion. A world heritage site and former retirement villa of a Shogun. An absolute must-see while visiting Kyoto!


The mountains are not far, here is where the adventure begins. Back on the mopeds, we'll dive deep into Kyoto's northern mountains. We will ride for almost 50 Kilometers surrounded by the beauty of nature, rice fields, and rural villages.


We will cross several mountains and have lunch about halfway in a natural setting, at a Soba Restaurant serving self-made Buckwheat Noodles and local Tempura. (alternatively, we can have Ramen) After this delicates we'll continue our journey in this absolutely wonderful area, traveling towards Arashiyama and it's world-famous Bamboo Grove.


We will park the scooters nearby and explore the Magical Forest to its fullest. From here we drive back into town towards the rental shop.  The Tour takes about 7 hours altogether.

Before Booking, please check Information below

Requirements to book a Scooter Tour


+ You will have to bring your driver's license issued in your country plus an international driving permit


+ If you are from one of these countries you'll need to bring your driver's license plus a Japanese translation. An international license is not needed.


+ You'll have to be at least 20 years old on the Tour day

+ Every participant needs to bring a credit card


+ You have to agree to the insurance conditions 

The 50cc scooters can be driven by anyone holding a car license or a motorbike license. However, we only recommend this tour if you have previous experience in handling scooters or motorcycles. 


50.000yen for 2 people


(15,000yen for each additional person)

Please use the inquiry form below.

What's included?

- Insurance* 

- Guide

- Scooters

- Helmets

- Gas 

- entrance fees 

- Bluetooth Headset

What's not included?

- Lunch  

- Gloves

- Bag

- Jacket


This tour is designed to combine two must-see places of Kyoto with the absolutely underrated countryside near the city. The max. number of participants is 4 persons.

We can also customise a day on the scooter for you. Just let us know your preferences and we'll do our best to make it happen! 

You are not sure yet what places to include into your tour?

Please check out our "Best of Kyoto List".

** Please note that this tour is only bookable from March till November.

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