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Welcome to Meet Kyoto Tours.

Relaxed, friendly and informal Tours, in and around the old Japanese capital.

Meet Kyoto Tours specializes in private day trips in and around the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. Whether on foot, by bicycle, by Taxi, or by public transport, in English or German. We will assemble the best day for you, promise!

Let's Meet Kyoto.


Kyoto Customized & Privat

We leverage our expertise and local connections to immerse you in Japan's distinctive culture and the splendor of Kyoto, tailored to your preferences.

Kyoto Bicycle Tours

Join us on this distinctive Kyoto bike tour as we guide you through charming streets, serene canals, and the tranquil flow of the Kamo River. Our cycling adventure aims to explore three of the city's most enchanting attractions.


Kyoto River Hike

Look forward to a relaxing hike in the northern mountain region of the ancient capital. For most of the tour, we will follow a river along steep mountain slopes, accompanied by singing birds and the rushing of water. Our destination is the famous bamboo grove in Arashiyama.

Scenic Scooter Loop

Visit two of Kyoto's most iconic attractions, the Golden Pavilion and the Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama. Experience the beauty of Japan's nature as you travel along winding mountain roads, beside crystal-clear rivers, along rice fields, and past remote villages.

About Myself...

Ralf Kopsch

As a resident of Kyoto since 2012 and an enthusiastic traveler, Ralf knows where the magical places are and how to organize an unforgettable day in the old capital of Japan. Furthermore, he never gets tired of exploring the picturesque nature around Kyoto and organizing tours in these areas untouched by mass tourism. His Mission is to introduce Kyoto and Japanese culture to travelers from overseas and to provide the best experience possible at all times.

Ralf Kopsch

Japan Souvenirs & more

Are you looking for suitable souvenirs or old individual pieces for your collection? Our friends at “Japantik Kyoto” may have just the right product for you.

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ZEN Relaxation_edited.jpg

Zen Relaxation

Relax and entrust your mind and body to a therapist who knows everything about your body. Cure your travel fatigue with a massage and strengthen yourself for the next day. The therapist speaks fluent English and is based in Kyoto.

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