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Relaxed, friendly and informal Tours, in and around the old Japanese capital.

Meet Kyoto Tours specialises in private day trips in and around the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. Whether on foot, by bicycle or public transport, in English and German. We will assemble the best day for you, promise!

A perfect combination of a bicycle tour and a hike.

10,000 yen/person

Visit the most photogenic streets of the city incl. Nishiki and Gion.

8000 yen/person

Discover Kyoto's truly beautiful hinterland.

19,000 yen/person

Go on a spectacular hike to the bamboo grove.

7000 yen/person

Day trips completely tailored to your needs.

From 12,000 yen/person

About Myself...

German, English, Japanese
Aikido, Learning Japanese, Traveling 
Sports, good food, meeting people

* introduce Kyoto and Japanese culture to travelers from overseas

* providing the best experience possible at all times


As a long-time resident of Kyoto and an enthusiastic traveler, I know where the magical places are and how to organize an unforgettable day on the streets of the old capital of Japan. Furthermore, I never get tired of exploring the picturesque nature around Kyoto and organising tours in these areas untouched by mass tourism.

Ralf Kopsch

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